‘I thought it was a work event’

This is the argument put forward by Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, in defence of the latest revelations that lockdown rules were not followed by those in power, at a time when there were severe penalties for disobeying the rules. The lockdown back during 2020 was very strict, strict enough so that families were not permitted to say goodbye to dying loved ones face-to-face, or to support stricken relatives during emergencies and medical procedures. Despite these rules, it seems the Tories believed (and probably still believe) they were above the law.

On the 20th of May 2020 Boris Johnson attended a drinks party in the garden of his own official residence and the invites made it clear this was a party function, not a work meeting, for I do not know of any work meeting where you would invite someone to bring booze. Johnson’s excuse is mealy-mouthed and contemptable, much like his attitude towards the British public. His apology has nothing to do sincerely believing he is wrong to have done what he did, and everything to do with regretting being caught. If he were an honourable man he would resign immediately.

What continues to astonish me is that this man has defenders. Why anyone would defend him, given his history, attitude and behaviour, is beyond me. No one should be surprised that he ignored his own rules on lockdowns, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. This is the leader of a party that has spaffed our money up the wall, held Christmas parties at a time when no one was allowed to mingle, and starved the NHS of the resources doctors and nurses need to do their jobs. Johnson is the head of a government that wants to ensure the rich and powerful get even richer, whilst telling us there is no money to supply a living wage. This utterly incompetent, selfish idiot has only ever been in it for himself and his cronies, and he believes the rules do not apply to him. Why anyone would vote for him or these ignorant, self-serving Tories is beyond me.

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