Bloganuary the 13th – Ideal Day

What does your ideal day look like?

Firstly, it will not come as a surprise to learn that my ideal day does not involve work! It might involve getting up reasonably early (because I wouldn’t want to waste my day, though a lie-in can also be great), and depending upon whether or not it’s me or the wife taking our daughter to school, I’d either cook up a bacon sandwich at home or treat myself to a McDonald’s breakfast. From there, I’d ponder what leisure activity to indulge in, which depends on my mood. I might do a spot of writing. I could record a podcast or YouTube video. Alternatively I might fire up a video game. With a day off there’s plenty of time.

If my daughter is off school or I’m off at a weekend, I’ll spend some time with her, though she is often quite burying her face in a book. We’ll put a movie on. We’ll often have a laugh, along with the wife. On occasions where we can afford it the three of us might go out for lunch, which is always nice. For the most part, my ideal day is about relaxing, for my free time is limited, and all I want from my free time is to chill out. As you can gather, I have a few different ways of doing that 🙂

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