Great Britain…?

This is The Sun’s typically sensationalist headline this morning:

In one sense, as MPs prepare to vote, they’re right – in this meerkat’s humble view, voting through a half-baked, semi-disastrous Bill would constitute a betrayal of the public. It certainly wouldn’t help the country in either the short term or the long term. In another sense, for all the talk of how voting against the Bill would represent a failure to respect the will of the people (it wouldn’t, for a number of reasons), it’s worth noting that if there were another referendum, the vote would likely turn out differently, as new information comes to light about Brexit and how it will affect us.

This isn’t the only poll to hint that the British public isn’t as keen on Brexit (not that the margin of victory was significant in the first place). As the facts become known, surely it isn’t a betrayal of our elected officials actually do their jobs and examine the terms and arrangements of Brexit in detail, making absolutely sure it is being handled in the best possible way. For jingoistic rags like The Sun to suggest it’s a betrayal is to support an ignorant, ‘cross-our-fingers-and-hope-for-the-best’ approach, without any meaningful thought. That road leads to disaster.

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