Grave Concerns

By now many of you who follow this blog will be aware that I am a proud father. My little girl means the world to me and I would do anything for her. I sometimes fear I am a bit… over-protective, but I want to make sure she is safe and more importantly, happy. I was therefore horrified when, having gone to her school on Tuesday to collect her, I found her outside the school gates, all on her own. Now, granted, I was a couple of minutes later than usual (only a couple of minutes mind), but in those circumstances, bearing in mind she is seven, I didn’t expect to find her outside, all on her own.

She wasn’t upset but a bit confused as to why daddy seemed stressed and shocked. I wasn’t angry with her but tried to explain to her that if she can’t see mummy or daddy, she should wait in the office. The school should never let her out of the building unless the teachers/assistants have seen either one of us. She doesn’t get released from school without one of us present. Yes, it was only a couple of minutes, but anything could have happened. To say that I was stunned is an understatement. My wife was furious and still, very understandably, fired up this morning. We had words with the deputy head, making it clear this cannot happen again. School is a place of safety, if it appears like it will be otherwise, we’ll have to take it further.

For now though, it’s dealt with. We have no desire to get anyone in trouble, that wasn’t our aim. We just want to make sure our daughter is going to be safe.

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