Football Manager 2019 – The New Journey

I haven’t purchased a new Football Manager game for some time. The last time I did, it was the 2014 edition, and that, for some reason, never ran properly on my old laptop. Rather than resurrect it, I stuck with FM 2012 instead, a version I know inside and out by now. FM 2012 is the home of what is perhaps my greatest (or at least most satisfying) accomplishments on football management games (namely five consecutive Premier League and Champion’s League tiles in a row with my beloved Liverpool). It is however time for a new challenge, in the shape of Football Manager 2019. Yes, I know it’s a bit late to get a game based on a season which is about to end, but this also means all the kinks and bugs will have been worked out of the latest edition, so it’s time to return to one of my favourite types of game.

This time, I’ll be keeping a running log, as it were. A ‘live’ diary, charting the lows and the (hopefully) many highs! I hope you enjoy.

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