Avengers: Endgame – The Review

It’s been a looooooong road getting to this moment, a defining moment in a legacy that reaches beyond film and expands to the medium of comics and pop culture. Could the late, great, Stan Lee have imagined that his creations would one become the focal point of an epic movie saga, for which Endgame has itself become a focal point? Without giving too much away, Endgame perfectly distils the MCU into one grand moment, providing a lot of fan service that will reward those who have stuck closely to this adventure.

I’d mentioned in prior posts that Endgame is not the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that it would feel a bit like a finale. I can say that is definitely true. The sweeping events of the film will leave an indelible mark on the MCU, with repercussions that will inevitably be felt in the next few movies. There is a lot of emotion to be had here, with some events that I half-expected (but wasn’t ready for) and some events that I wasn’t prepared for at all. Without giving away spoilers, Endgame contains some tremendous laugh-out-loud moments and moments to make you go ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’, as well as a few that make you want to punch the air in celebration. I want so desperately to offer up clues or reasons as to why Endgame does this, but to do so would be to give away major spoilers, which I simply won’t do here.

I will say only that it could not have been a more fitting way to conclude the story arc that began with Avengers Assemble, or the arc for the characters of Tony Stark, Thor, and Steve Rodgers. Whatever it takes, this film gets ten out of ten.

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