My Political Compass

personalised chart

I’m not ashamed to say I sit on the left of the political spectrum. I am in favour of things like a public healthcare system. I believe that there ae enough resources on this earth to bring everyone out of poverty and still allow us to live comfortable lives. I am in favour of decriminalising certain drugs (within certain guidelines). I despise the interference of conservative religious institutions in peoples’ lives – for all the talk of how the left apparently desires conformity, it’s the religious right that would have us all living the same life.

I’m all for free school meals for children, and a decent, thriving wage for nurses and others. Money earmarked for nuclear weapons and despotic foreign governments should be redirected to better causes. There are people living on the streets of the UK, a self-proclaimed first-world country, and there’s the resources to help them, but not the will.

There’s plenty of room for compassion in our world, despite what the likes of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump would have us believe.

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