Bloganuary the 5th – Wishing

Today’s prompt is ‘what is something you wish you knew how to do?

I can offer a few answers to this. I mentioned in a prior Bloganuary post that I can’t drive. I’ve generally be ok with this (I don’t fork out for car insurance, road tax, MOTs etc), but sometimes I can’t help but wonder how much easier it would make my life. It cannot be denied that driving is a useful skill, and that it would open doors for me. Why don’t I drive? There’s the aforementioned cost of running a car, and also a lack of self-trust. I am not sure that I have the ability to drive. Switching between watching road to feeling for bite points to keeping an eye on my surroundings to changing gear… I doubt whether I can co-ordinate all of that safely. I’ve not got the confidence to be a competent driver, and given that there would be more than just my life at risk if I got things wrong…

Beyond that, we’re talking minor things. I’d love to know how to race properly and effectively on F1 racing games. Envy isn’t a good look but I’m envious of the players I’ve watched who make it look so easy to race without any assists. In a way, that’s another take on wishing I could drive, just via a different medium.

I’d also like to know how to cook properly. I can throw things in a frying pan or in the oven, but that’s not the same as creating culinary masterpieces like on Masterchef. To have that kind of skill with food would be amazing! I can feel myself getting hungry thinking about it…

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