Bloganuary the 4th – Toys

We’re up to date! Today’s prompt is ‘what was your favourite toy as a child?

I guess this depends on how you define ‘toy’. Is a games console a toy? If so, then my Super Nintendo would take the win. There were so many great games on that machine, and a number of those games remain firm favourites of mine today.

There is no finer game than A Link to the Past

If a games console is not a toy (bah), then I found myself lost in my imagination, with this as a vehicle for it:

The above is a die-cast (I think) model of the USS Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation. My original model has long since bit the dust, having gotten rusty and having also lost a warp nacelle. Oh, it also lost the ability to separate the saucer and re-join. I do have a pristine one boxed up in our ‘nerd room’, and my wife is very insistent that I do not take it out of the box. Between this and several later additions of Star Trek (and Star Wars) Micro Machines, I was able to create bold adventures and epic battles in the realm of my mind. Scale would sometimes be an issue, though some of the Micro Machines scaled quite well in comparison to this!

I’m torn here, between the escapism and variety that my SNES brought me, and the escapism and fantasy the ship gave me. I can’t decide!

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