Back to Breath of the Wild – Two and a Half Years of Magic

After what’s been a particularly stressful past few days – I mean, really stressful – I took a day to unwind with one of my favourite pastimes – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s rare to find a game that, two and a half years on, can still surprise you with new stuff, yet Breath of the Wild does exactly that. I ran around a bit today, discovered a few Koroks hidden away, stumbled upon a couple of Lynels I hadn’t previously encountered, and took in some magnificent vantage points. I am also very proud of my daughter, who took on and beat Ganon all by herself, despite having little gaming experience (especially compared to her father!). Even now, even having played through the game and explored the land of Hyrule so thoroughly, to make new discoveries reminds me of the richness and detail of this world. It also makes me appreciate the effort and love that went into making it. I’m yet to scratch the surface of Master Mode (I’m still making minor inroads into that), but knowing I still have all of that to do means the game has plenty of life left in it.

Speaking of games with life still left in them, I wanted to share a video of the final part of my play through of A Link to the Past. Two different eras, two great games, one endless legacy.

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