A-Z Movie Challenge – A

I’ve hijacked this from The Confusing Middle, but I’m several days late, so time for a quick catch-up – A:


I promise that not every movie will be Marvel Cinematic Universe related. There’s a fair chance there’ll be quite a few entries, but not every last single movie… ahem.

So, Ant-Man – released in 2015, it was the official end to Marvel’s Phase Two (the popular assumption is that Phase Two ended with Age of Ultron, but nope, Ant-Man has that distinction). It wasn’t the first time Marvel had taken a character that could be considered relatively unknown, and turned that character into a major, successful movie, introducing us to the likeable Scott Lang (portrayed brilliantly by Paul Rudd). Ant-Man also managed to be smaller in scope – there wasn’t a huge ‘end of the world’ scenario at play – it was, to some degree, a heist movie, and also a movie about a guy trying to do some good by his family.

Ant-Man would also lay the groundwork for Evangeline Lilly’s character of Hope van Dyne to go on and headline the sequel – the first time a female character had done so in the MCU – and brought in the heavyweight presence of Michael Douglas, thus continuing the trend of the MCU attracting seriously big names. It was a fun romp of a film, and a welcome change of pace after Age of Ultron. Oh, and it was impossible not to love Michael Pena as Luis!

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