A Proud Moment

Well, it’s happened. Something astonishing, brilliant and exciting and unexpected and I’m super-pumped! On the 9th of August I received an offer letter from Jumpmaster Press, asking if I wanted to pursue a contract to publish The Awakening. Naturally I said yes! A few weeks later I received a contract, in effect a publishing agreement, marking the official beginning of what I hope is a successful time with Jumpmaster Press as a traditional author!

This is vindication. This is validation. This is… I’m still not quite sure what it is! A complete stranger has seen something in my work and has decided it’s worth taking further. With a contract comes a rigorous editing process to ensure the story is as polished as it could possibly be, and then the 3rd version of The Awakening will arrive, a version that will end up on bookshelves.

There’s serious work ahead. Months of editing are laying in wait. I’m sure there’ll be moments of stress and frustration ahead. However, what began as a distraction in the summer of 2019 and a means of occupying time during furlough in 2020 has led to this place. That’s pretty amazing.

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