I’ve already shared this post once, via the Coalition site, but it’s too powerful and too important a message not to share via this site. Over on the Coalition I had this to say about the new abortion law passed in Texas:

The southern US State of Texas isn’t exactly a beacon of freedoms and rights, and it’s about to get worse for women living there. A new anti-abortion law has passed that overlooks biology and the rights of women to determine their own lives. I can already imagine several of my ‘sparring partners’ gleefully rejoicing at what they mistakenly believe is a pro-life measure, when in reality this law has nothing to do with the sanctity of life.

Denying women their rights to determine their own lives shows this law is all about control, nothing more. It’s all about reducing women to the role of birthing machines, with no respect or regard for their lives. I have said before that to be pro-life means thinking of quality of life, yet the quality of a woman’s life is irrelevant to my usual sparring partners. That’s been made all too clear from their arguments and their general attitudes towards women. This law is a setback for women, and here’s the ultimate kicker: banning abortions won’t stop abortions, it will only make them more dangerous.

Another thought for the forced-birth crowd (since pro-life is not an accurate description). In countries where abortion is legal they are actually less frequent. Chew on why that is before you respond to this post.

I found a better, more detailed and more eloquent rebuttal to this law and what it means here. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gilead, and therefore unfamiliar with the comparison Knotty is making, please have a look here. Before responding to this post (or for that matter, to Knotty, if you are inclined to do so), read what she has to say.

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