A Busy Day Out!

Today daddy meerkat, mummy meerkat and little meerkat went on an epic adventure! We enjoyed a visit to the British Museum, taking in various sights from various epochs of history.

Daughter dearest wanted to see everything, which meant we were being dragged swiftly from one exhibit to another, however I was determined to take at least some of it in! I took plenty of pictures, as I was keen to absorb some of the timeless wonder on display.

There are many, many pictures of our trip; to share them all would create a monster of a post, destroying data allowances and choking even the hardiest broadband collections. I’ll aim to see how I can share more of them, because seeing such a unique collection of world history is fascinating. There were Egyptian, Roman, Grecian, Polynesian and African cultures to try and take in. Along the way, I had a little fun, introducing a new face to the journey…

He’s a birthday present!

Timon also came with us to Forbidden Planet, a legendary sci-fi and fantasy shop in the Leicester Square area of London.

He is inevitable…

Mrs Meerkat and Daughter Meerkat then proceeded to get books signed by the one and only Colin Baker, aka the Sixth Doctor!

Then came the voyage home… Which at the time of writing this, is still a work in progress, thanks to signal failure on the railway! Eventually, we’ll make it home!

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