TV Show Challenge Day 31


So we’ve arrived at the finale! It is fitting then, that the final challenge is favourite season finale!

The very final episode of Deep Space Nine was and is a moment for me that felt pretty powerful. DS9 was the most thought-provoking of all the Treks, and the final episode brought us the conclusion to the Dominon War, as well as the final showdown between Sisko and Dukat. It also wrapped up a number of other character arcs, and felt like a definite ending (unlike TNG, as it was well known films about that crew were on their way).

Quantum Leap managed to give us a powerful ending too. Al was finally reunited with the woman he loved, but shockingly, we learned Sam never made it home. That was a real gut punch.

The Shield ended on a note both satisfying and disappointing. Vic Mackey was forced behind a desk, something he found demeaning, but he escaped the harsher fates that befell his colleagues, and so in many ways, got off lightly.

Spartacus pulled no punches with a finale that was true to history. It was a sad, bleak ending, but it was honest.

I suppose if I must make a choice, then due to nostalgia, I choose Deep Space Nine.


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