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Trying to find a Spark

Trying to find a Spark

I am currently trying very hard to avoid brain rot. By that, I mean, I am trying to restart my creative juices and get back into the habit of both reading creative fiction and writing it. In particular, writing it. Why? Because between the daily grind of work (which can feel repetitive) and then coming home and not engaging the brain, I’m worried I’m not giving this most important muscle the exercise it needs. I don’t want to feel like a drone, I want to feel energised, passionate and creative. I have a few days off next week and I don’t want to waste them in front of the TV or computer (unless I happen to be writing). In another sense, I am worried of losing my humanity. I don’t want to fall into a rut which revolves around work and not devoting enough time to what matters. It’s hard, but I want to somehow find the time to exercise more. Coming home from work, especially after a stressful day, can knock the motivation out of anyone, but from somewhere I need to find it.

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