The TV Show Challenge Day 12


Today’s entry is favourite TV show relationship.

Not necessarily an easy one. If we’re talking about romantic relationships, then I’m struggling to look past Rachel and Ross from Friends, but I also need to give a nod to the slow-boiling relationship between Kira and Odo in Deep Space Nine. An honourable mention goes to the friendship between Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher in The Next Generation.

If we look at a wider context, might we also refer to friendships? Chief O’Brien and Julian Bashir’s friendship on Deep Space Nine was quite symbolic – an Englishman and an Irishman becoming good friends, shown on TV when the Troubles in Northern Ireland were not quite over.

Perhaps though, one of the most fascinating relationships is one that comes out of left field – a famous duo that have alternated between being adversaries and allies more than once:


This is a much more complex relationship than first thought. Everyone looks at Tom and assumes he is the aggressor, the big bad cat who wants to eat Jerry. Sometimes this is true. It is equally true that Jerry can be an arsehole sometimes!

He’ll torment Tom to breaking point then feign being the victim. He’ll manipulate other characters (such as the dog) into doing his work for him. Let’s be realistic here – a mouse in Jerry’s situation is not a pet but a pest, and a cat is expected to handle such mice.

Yet every now and then, Tom and Jerry will join forces, be it to deal with another cat, or to preserve their mutual home. Despite the animosity that exists between the pair, they are prepared to declare a truce if they both benefit from it somehow. They have learned to tolerate one another, despite their history.

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