The Libelous Idazmi7


(what I think of Idazmi7’s latest rant)

As some of you who read this site and blog may be aware, I do from time to time indulge in online discussions regarding Star Trek vs Star Wars. You may also be aware that I’ve sparred with Idazmi7 before, on a range of versus-related topics. The latest ‘debate’ has been more of a mudslinging contest, with Idazmi7 accusing me of deleting posts of his (particularly posts concerning our argument over warp strafing).

I ought to make it abundantly clear that I have at no point deleted any of his posts. I am unsure as to whether I even could (to my knowledge, only the poster of the video can delete posts made to it), and at any rate, I see no need to even make the attempt. Idazmi7’s ‘points’ around warp strafing were easily refuted and quite frankly, I would rather they stayed up – they stand as testimony to how flawed his arguments are.

This hasn’t stopped Idazmi7 from continuing to make his allegations. Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t been able to prove anything, and equally unsurprisingly, this hasn’t stopped him from refusing to recant his allegations. At this point, he has backed himself into a corner – withdrawing his claims makes it pretty clear he was in error to make them – plus he loses face – continuing with them makes him look stupid.

This also begins to stray into libellous territory (or it would, if Idazmi7 was in an actionable situation). Allegations of what is effectively dishonest behaviour on my part is something I take very seriously, it’s not appreciated, and I am unimpressed by it. Rest assured, I am prepared to let the claims stand without providing a counterpoint.

So why is Idazmi7 doing this? In my view, it’s a smokescreen to distract from his own arguments and conduct. If he can cast my behaviour in a negative light, it would also, by extension, make my arguments look bad. It’s basically an ad hominiem attack, only a cleverer one than usual. It’s still not especially smart, and ultimately pretty obvious, but it’s a notch better than a lot of the efforts I’ve seen.

I’m not sure what Idazmi7’s end game is. His position is untenable, obvious and flawed. He hasn’t accomplished anything beyond making himself look bad. He hasn’t scared me off, or had me scrambling backwards. I can only chalk this off as a desperate gambit.

I have suggested to him that he repost his warp strafing arguments. I am not the least bit concerned by them and I would rather they were up, so everyone can see how flawed his position is.

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