The Force Awakens!

Yes, it most certainly awakens! This morning the new trailer debuted and I’ll offer up my early thoughts in a mo (I’ve seen it a few times now, but I’ll rewind to when I was getting on the train to go to work).

First though, two things – the trailer:

Secondly, the poster:


Watched it yet? Have you drank in its beauty? Good, we can continue.

As expected, the trailer gives nothing away in terms of plot, aside from dropping hints that were already pretty apparent from previous trailers and press releases.

Be warned, from this point forward, there may be spoilers.




Still here? Sure you want to risk it?





Really sure? Okay then.

Kylo Ren is seen at one stage talking to the burnt out ruins of Darth Vader’s helmet, with just a touch of Vader’s trademark breathing. We have the two new heroes running around a lot, meeting with Han, who tells them the stories about the Force are true. Luke is conspicuous in his absence from the trailer, and we see Leia crying in Han’s arms at one stage. Finn (who appears to be a stormtrooper-turned-rebel) prepares to do battle with (presumably) Ren in a dark forest.

Rey’s character appears to be a scavenger, though this was already rather apparent from the earlier trailers. She considers herself to be a ‘nobody’, but through events we’ve yet to determine, she ends up traveling with Finn and running into Han.

There’s a moment in the trailer that appears to show destruction on a huge scale, and there are plenty of TIE vs X-Wing moments. There’s also a lot of stormtroopers doing battle.

As mentioned earlier, the trailer gives nothing away. JJ Abrams has done really well to tease the film through three different trailers and yet somehow keep the story of one of the most eagerly anticipated films of all time firmly under wraps. My wife booked tickets for us to go see it (it will be my daughter’s first Star Wars film at the cinema) and I can honestly say, despite a grave sense of trepidation when the film was announced, that I am starting to bubble over with excitement. Roll on December!

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