The F1 2009 Game Diary – Season 3 Round 8: Britain

SilverstoneHaving left Turkey 15 points down on Jensen Button, I came to Silverstone filled with trepidation. This track (admittedly not quite as per the image above) has not been kind to me on racing games, and I saw no reason to believe this trend would end as I began the British GP race weekend.

Practice and qualifying were curious mixtures of wet and dry conditions, but somehow I was able to find the right balance to get pole position – it was downhill from there.

I just could not find any pace in the final two sectors. Combined with wet conditions for the race, it just wasn’t good for me. I spent most of the race on my own, trundling around and doing what I could to grind out as many points as possible. In the end, I took third place, my first podium finish at Silverstone on this game, and more importantly, finished ahead of Button, bringing the gap down to 13 points. It wasn’t a big bite out of that lead, but every little bit helps!

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