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The End of an Era

The End of an Era

On Friday my manager (who has been my boss for seven and a half years) left the store (and the business) after seventeen years service with them.

It doesn’t feel real yet, but on Monday the reality will begin to set in that he won’t be in charge – that someone else will end up in the big chair, so to speak.

If I were to describe Friday as an emotional day, it would be an understatement. Not only do I regard him as being the best manager I’ve ever worked for, but I regard him as being a good friend too. I always knew where I stood with him, and everything at work was clear and straightforward.

Not anymore.

His departure creates horrible uncertainty. We have a strong team, with great people, and I love them all, but the culture of the company is such that it will drive out the people who work hard and contribute the most to the business. Head office and the area managers operate under the impression that store management have all the time in the world to stand around watching the staff, rather than contributing to things like stock, availability etc. Given how small our payroll is, this is not a reasonable or realistic expectation (especially given all the other tasks we need to do), but the area managers and head office never let realism (or common sense) interfere with expectations.

I think my (now ex) manager has gotten out of the company at the right time. I am extremely sorry to see him go but happy for him too. I aim to escape soon myself.

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