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Site Statistics Part 2

Site Statistics Part 2

So, we are now at the start of September. This site has been running for just under one month. Time for an update on the site stats!

The all-time referrer to my site so far is Bigfooty, with 61. Starfleet Jedi is in second place with 36, then iMDB is in joint-third with 20. Sharing third spot is the category of Search Engines.

Twitter is fifth with 19 people clicking to my site from there, is sixth with a score of 17, Facebook accounts for 15 clicks, then, oddly, Facebook again (not sure why it’s divided into two categories) with 7. Sharing seventh place goes to a Weird Al link (eh?) with 7, is level with Movellas on 5. The WordPress Reader has 2 clicks, as does yet another Facebook entry, and in last is another iMDB entry.

By country, the UK is top with 195 hits coming from right here in Blighty. The US is second with 165 views, Australia is third on 109, Slovenia is fourth with 29 (am I big in Eastern Europe?). Thailand is fifth with 24, then Canada is sixth with 13.

New Zealand is seventh with 8 referrals, Finland and Ireland are next (both are on 4), Spain has 2, and Norway, Denmark, Japan, Malta, Russia, Portugal and Croatia are all on 1.

So, there you have the current breakdown! Another one on the 1st of October!

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