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Self Promotion

Self Promotion

So as time goes by, my site appears to be gaining a steady following. It’s not exactly pulling in huge numbers but at least it’s gotten noticed a little. It may well take several months or even years for me to get to the stage where I need forums and whatnot, but hopefully I will get there.

I need to look at ways to attract attention. Twitter is one – linking blog posts to Twitter certainly gets my site out there – and Twitter links directly to Facebook.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have more of a go at political commentary. Politics certainly gets tongues wagging, after all. The problem with this is that it’s very easy to make a fool of one’s self discussing politics – and there are only so many heated disputes I can stand.

One thing I am quite prepared to argue in favour of is gay rights. I am aware of the hysteria the political Right (usually backed up with religious arguments) whips up over how being gay is a sin and how it will lead to the collapse of society. Then there’s my position on Creationism.

How else to expand this? I don’t know.

There’s my Star Trek vs Star Wars argument (apologies to the folks of Starfleet Jedi – I want to continue our discussions but I am stretching myself in so many different directions that I don’t know when this will happen).

My passion for Formula 1 has certainly seen a few new pages – and there are a few more in the works.

I suspect I could also do with just pushing the site a bit more.

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