Recently Completed Projects (and new ones)

I’ve been busy lately. Busy completing a few pages for the main site that have been sitting in draft limbo for quite a while, or in some cases non-existent – drafts done in my head but not actually put to paper, so to speak. It feels good to finally get some momentum going!

The focus I’ve been working on? My Stargate pages. I’ve finally added my pages about the Goa’uld and the Ancients, and I’m looking to start my page on the Wraith pretty soon. From there, I might delve into the technology of the Gateverse – we’ll see.

I’m also starting work on a series of pages about a long-standing passion of mine – astronomy. This section is still some way off completion, but when finished it will hopefully offer an insight into how awe-inspiring I find the planets, stars and the universe to be.

I look forward to sharing those pages with you!

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