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I haven’t actually blogged properly for a little while. This occurred to me the other day, when I realised that over the past two weeks, The Legend of Zelda has dominated my site. Usually I’m discussing weird dreams, politics and the various strange events of my life. Let’s do a little of that here shall we?


As usual my subconscious is a mysterious tour de force (or is that farce?). Last night I dreamed I was an Avenger, though I couldn’t figure if I was Spiderman or Iron Man. If I had to pick one to be, I’d be Iron Man, on account of his billions of dollars. Plus, I can’t really swing from building to building in my town.

I also had a very bewildering set of dreams last week, that I had planned to write about, but then went and completely forgot.


Yeah, my bad. The annoying thing is, these dreams were a great showcase for my off the wall, quirky nature.

Strange Events

It might be me being completely paranoid, but every so often the house will creak and groan like someone is in a room that is in fact empty. We know the house was once lived in by an older lady (well, we think she was old). Could our domicile be haunted?!

Ok, probably not, but still…

Another strange quirk of coincidence – a colleague and I both happened to watch Jack Reacher last night, without communicating to each other about it beforehand. It was quite an enjoyable number as it happens, so my wife and I might sit down to watch the sequel at some point in the near future.

Other Stuff

Is it wrong for a 30-something man to be eagerly looking forward to the new Duck Tales series? If so, then I’m as wrong as a meerkat can be!


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