Nintendo: Playing Coy

Being the Nintendo nut that I am, I am currently eagerly awaiting next March. Nintendo have confirmed their new console, codenamed ‘NX’, will launch then.

What Nintendo haven’t done is release any concrete information on their new gadget. There have been snippets here and there – including the distinct possibility of switching back to cartridges, and some talk of a console/handheld hybrid – but Nintendo have by and large kept details firmly under wraps.

Part of this great secrecy is reportedly out of concerns that tipping their hat too soon will allow rivals Sony and Microsoft to exploit the concept. Nintendo have suggested the NX will be quite different to what’s out there, but how and to what extent we don’t yet know.


A big release for the NX will also be out in March – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The trailer for the Wii U edition painted a spectacular picture of a game epic in scope, and we can only assume the more powerful NX will only add to the beauty of the game.

I’ve written before about what I feel Nintendo need to do to ensure success. They need to make the console attractive to third-party developers. There’s no reason why they can’t marry their home-grown titles with established franchises.

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