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Long Days

Long Days

Today I ended up doing an all-dayer at work. This is not the first time this has happened and won’t be the last.

Why put myself through that? The bottom line is, if I don’t, I will never get through everything I need to do. It sucks, and and I am loathe to do it, but considering the ongoing workload placed upon us by an unsympathetic head office, it becomes a requirement of the job.

This is the requirement of management. It requires you to put in a shift. It is tiring, it is stressful, and it is uncompromising. You have to make tough choices. You are expected to work long hours. You need to be proactive. In retail, you need to be juggling several balls in the air, all the time.

It is though, rewarding. Going home at the end of the day, knowing you have worked your hardest, knowing that you’ve achieved most of your goals, and served customers and helped take in the cash, is very important to me. As long as I can keep that belief that I am working hard, doing my best and achieving my aims, I can come home, perhaps totally shattered, but ultimately happy.

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