Justin Case

Where do I even begin here? Twitter is a great tool for connecting to people and spreading ideas – the flipside of this is that some distinctly unsavoury notions can also be spread through Twitter (indeed, through the net). Earlier today I stumbled upon exactly this.

justin1 justin2 justin3 justin4


Yes, seriously – the above happened. I really can’t begin to understand how this guy can believe any of this, but what’s especially disturbing is his idea that murdering children (indeed, anyone) is acceptable. He regards women as the ‘enemy’ and children as ‘collateral damage’.

He also thinks that men and children are the primary victims of domestic violence. However, a 2009 study, based on police reports, shows that men are the perpetrators in 85% of cases. Women are the victims in 89% of repeat cases. I wonder how Justin will respond to this?

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