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Hayfever Sucks

Hayfever Sucks

After a looong winter (indeed, it feels like winter has dominated spring!), summer is here at last – there is warmth to be had, and I can go outside without needing a jacket! Woohoo!

But, waiting in the wings, lurking within the grass, is an enemy of mine – pollen!

Pollen1(Summer time is glorious, but that powdery stuff isn’t!)

I’ve always suffered from hayfever to a certain degree, but these past couple of weeks it’s been worse than usual. Last weekend my wife and I took our daughter to Marsh Farm (a nice little family diversion), where we fed goats, got to feed birds of prey, see rabbits and cows and pigs etc – my little girl got to hold an owl (and she wasn’t at all unnerved by the experience, which I was proud of!).

However, I spent pretty much the entire day sneezing and generally feeling bunged up – whatever was in the air up there, it brought out the worst in my hayfever.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – animal fur reaction right? Perhaps, but probably not – I’ve been to farms before, and zoos, and I have two cats – I’ve generally been alright around animals. My thinking is that there was something in the air up there – a type of grass or tree or plant that I’m not usually in the vicinity of, that triggered a bad reaction.

I’ve never felt so annoyed by hayfever as I did on that day – when I sneeze, I don’t just sneeze once – usually I’m going off three or four times in quick succession. I felt embarrassed to a certain extent – having to clutch at my nose every two minutes, or sounding like gunfire, were my only choices.

Since then, I’ve been sneezing more often too – it’s as though this experience has made my overall hayfever worse. I love summer, but this summer is not going to plan so far!

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