Gun Twits on Twitter

Allow me to preface this post by pointing out that I am well aware there are millions of responsible gun owners out there. Sadly, there don’t appear to be many on Twitter, as the following demonstrate:

First up…

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve dealt with this argument. Yes, other things can be used as murder weapons – but guns are designed for this purpose.

Straight from the source as it were – gun control tends to fail when it’s non-existent, but it’s working in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan, to name but a few places.

Again with the false equivalence. Yes, people will always (sadly) seek to kill other people – it’s a lot easier with a weapon specifically designed to do so – hence why two thirds of US homicides involve firearms.

A gun is not like an axe or a shovel – that’s simply moronic.

Oddly enough, none of this has come to pass here in the UK, or France, or Japan, or in numerous other countries that have introduced gun control measures. It’s also a wild conflation (yet again) that control somehow = ban. It doesn’t.