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Eye Tests and Colds

Eye Tests and Colds

Not exactly a riveting title, but then, it’s not really a riveting post… Or is it?!

I wear glasses. I’ve done so since Year Nine at school (so I would have been 13/14 when I first started wearing them). Nowadays they’re so intrinsically a part of me that I’ve forgotten what it was like to not wear them. They are a part of me.

My current pair need updating. That’s all. I have a cold too. Woo!

One thought on “Eye Tests and Colds

  1. Sue

    U get too many colds, sure it’s not an allergy of some kind ??? Y not try something like Piriton to c if it cuts down the symptoms ? Just a thought. Wish u a speedy recovery.
    I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4. Used to b picked on at school and had them smashed several times. Hated the wire round the ears which were often too tight and hurt.
    I thought I would comment so it will make a nice change for u. Xx

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