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Ebay and Reckless Thinking

Ebay and Reckless Thinking

Earlier on this evening I nearly – nearly – won a Wii U on Ebay. I’m actually grateful in many ways that I didn’t. Yes, I would like to continue the tradition of possessing every Nintendo home console, but upon reflection, the Wii U doesn’t offer that much more than the Wii. Yes, Super Mario Maker looks awesome – but with the exception of Breath of the Wild next year, there’s nothing else on the Wii U that appeals.

Next year sees the arrival of the as-yet mysterious NX, which from the rumours floating around will be a home console/handheld hybrid. Whether it’s truly portable remains to be seen, though a DS-style console with something approaching the power of a PlayStation 4 that can docked to a TV sounds pretty good. Other rumours include new Mario and Pokemon games, so alongside Zelda this means a strong launch window line up. Unless the NX reveal shows something that strikes me as doomed, I’ll be skipping a generation of Nintendo console.

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