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The Greatest Ludus Chapter Four

Titus Norbanus Nepos had held his suspicions that he might lose his most formidable warrior, but had quietly hoped the businessman Marcus Octavius Paulus would have a different arrangement in mind. To have his fears realised was not a surprise but it was a body blow. Nimr was more than just another gladiator. “Nimr…” He… Read more

Dog Owners, Clean Up!

(please note: this is not aimed at everyone who owns a dog. Most dog owners are responsible people who clean up after their pets) There have been two incidents in my recent past that have left me feeling revolted and annoyed – and they both concern dogs and their ‘business’. The first took place walking… Read more

‘Secular’ Science 2

We briefly return to TA’s first article on the subject of science and belief, before turning to a new article of his: It is unrealistic as how can anyone expect a force to last 14 billion years? The assumption that it does is distorted thinking and a distorted view of the evidence. Third, Hubble’s theory… Read more