2019 – The Year That Was

So 2019 is nearly over. It’s brought quite a bit of interest and intrigue, some deeply personal events, and a show of resilience that I am quite proud of.

As of yesterday, I’ve been with my employers for two years – and have therefore successfully completed my probation period. You might find the idea of a two-year probation strange, and you’re not alone in that – but such is how they do things! I would be lying if I said I was always confident, but I dug deep into my reserves of determination and focus. I work hard, and I work hard for a reason – my daughter and my wife. Every decision I make, in terms of work, employment, is filtered through what’s best for them. There were times when it would have been easy to give up, but I can’t give up – it is not in my nature. I can be bleeding and broken, but I’ll get back on my feet and prove my doubters wrong.

Understand this – I will go to Hell and back for my loved ones. I will walk barefoot into the fire for them.

A big moment has come for me as well – ten years married, and fifteen years with my other half – my brother celebrated five years of marriage and my parents celebrate 40 years of marriage this year. I’m not big on public displays of emotion, but I love my Mum and Dad dearly. They have an eternal bond, and they have set the example for me and my brother to follow.

They are not alone in this. My Mother and Father-in-Law celebrated 50 years of marriage. My wife and I come from loyalty and it’s loyalty we give to each other!

2019 is also a year which will force bravery as we go into 2020. I’m firmly of the opinion that giving Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party a mandate to do whatever they want is not in the best interests of the country. A man with a history of dishonesty, of incompetence (look at how many times he’s been sacked), and of cowardice (he hid in a fridge, a frigging fridge), cannot lead us effectively. We are stuck with him, for the moment, and whilst I sympathise with the anger and shock at the scale of his victory (that’s media manipulation and bias for you), what’s happening in the streets is wrong and won’t change a thing. The time will come when it will be impossible for anyone to ignore the failures of the Johnson government – and on that occasion, we must be ready.

There was a family holiday to the beautiful Potters Resort near Great Yarmouth – with so many anniversaries to celebrate, it made sense to mark the year with a get-together!

Meowth on the beach!

Along came a new tattoo, to mark our anniversary, in a rather unique way!

We encountered history…

… old legacies met new incarnations…

… Halloween brought the arrival of what might possibly be a new tradition of weird and wacky outfits…

… and 2019 brought some pivotal transitions and endings in the world of entertainment, concluding emotional and amazing journeys.

As 2019 prepares to make way for 2020 and a new decade, fresh starts are needed. Fresh starts are on the horizon. There are challenges ahead, on several levels, but they shall be met. I wish you all a Happy New Year x

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