Month: January 2017

Techno Fail P3

“… and then came that shot.” Andrew said. “Fucking bullet, nicked my ankle, hurt like hell. I enjoyed killing that bastard.” Eric couldn’t help but laugh. The older man had started to recount stories of his younger service days, ones that predated Eric’s own service. “Them death squads were brutal wankers, never get caught by… Read more

Techno Fail P2

Black glass held the sort of minimal look that appealed to the suited and booted man seated behind the desk. It was a pity then, that he had to look into replacing it, and even more of a pity that this would involve removing and refitting the intergrated computer panel that was tucked away in… Read more

Techno Fail P1

What was the saying about greatness? That it was thrust upon those who didn’t want it? Did anyone also say that sometimes, problems – big problems – were thrust upon people who didn’t want them? That was the case for Eric, as he shuffled down the corridor of his workplace, past the cork boards with… Read more

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