Month: November 2015


My heart goes out to the people of Paris and France today. The savage attacks of last night can only be described as the acts of cowards, preying upon defenceless innocents. Those who carried out these attacks deserve to be remembered only as cowards.

US Politics

Lately US politics is dominating the airwaves. This isn’t exactly a surprise, but it’s only going to get worse, especially as the election campaign over there gets into full swing and becomes the sole focus of even British media. Quite why we’ll ignore our own problems to focus on what’s happening thousands of miles away… Read more

The 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix Preview

The penultimate round of the 2015 F1 season sees us come to Sao Paulo, Brazil, a venue that usually serves up exciting and entertaining racing. The backdrops to Sunday’s race are largely concerning Hamilton’s road accident in Monaco on Tuesday (a minor prang, but one that involved his £1.6 million car) and Red Bull’s decision… Read more

It’s not a Culture War

Stop calling it a “culture war,” call it what it actually is – This article, reblogged from Unprotected Sects (I love the site name), neatly sums up the attitudes on display from the more radical elements of the religious right. For them, equality is not about living and let living, but about maintaining any… Read more

Wise Words

I can’t seem to reblog things properly via WordPress, but I can certainly share links and blogs I feel are of value. This blog, by Mike Bennett, is insightful about the modern relationship the Church has with society, and worth a read.

Summing things up nicely

Bill Maher hammers Donald Trump and Ben Carson: ‘Experience? Republicans avoid that like a gay son!’ – Reblogged from, summing up nicely how the two most popular possible choices for the US Republican party’s Presidential candidates are also the worst.