The 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix Preview


The penultimate round of the 2015 F1 season sees us come to Sao Paulo, Brazil, a venue that usually serves up exciting and entertaining racing.

The backdrops to Sunday’s race are largely concerning Hamilton’s road accident in Monaco on Tuesday (a minor prang, but one that involved his £1.6 million car) and Red Bull’s decision to remain on the grid for 2016, despite being unable to maneuver their way to more powerful engines.

In Mexico Rosberg made a serious statement of intent, dominating the race and sealing a much-needed win. Though it means nothing in terms of the title, Hamilton will want to remind everyone – especially Rosberg – of who is top dog. In first practice for Brazil Hamilton did just that, setting a time just over half a second faster than Rosberg.

In the battle for second place in the championship, Rosberg may be slightly concerned that Vettel’s Ferrari was only fractionally slower in P1, raising the possibility of a close race between those two (though come qualifying, things could well be different).

A major goal on Hamilton’s mind is winning here. He’s yet to win in Brazil, and would love to emulate Senna still further by doing just that. It’s certainly possible, based on the evidence from P1.

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