Writing Prompts: Which Aspects Make a Person Unique?

Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

Some of the prompts generated by WordPress are quite tricky, and this is no exception. How do you define unique? Is it based upon appearance? Social interests? Personality quirks? A combination of all three? Surely it’s a combo of all three, and probably a lot more other factors, that make us into who we are. Oh, I forgot a big one: our individual experiences. We also all have unique fingerprints. Yeah, I went there.

We each will interpret and react to the same stimuli in different ways. Sometimes the differences are subtle and sometimes they’re extreme, but we all have different responses.

To think of this in a different way, I think what makes a person unique is their willingness to defy convention and stand out from a crowd. My daughter has a wonderful sense of self, and I for one have moved passed caring what random strangers think of my style or looks when I’m out and about.

The willingness to be more than a bland sack of meat in a suit is often at odds with what society expects from us, so kudos to those who are prepared to be bright and colourful. I’m looking at you, the furry community, in particular, for being flag-bearers of exuberant, non-conforming uniqueness.

The world would be a much better place if we were all willing to celebrate uniqueness, rather than squash it.

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