Writing Prompts: What Public Figure do you Disagree with the Most?

What public figure do you disagree with the most?

Where do I even begin with this?! There are several public figures I cannot stand. The arrogant and hypocritical Piers Morgan comes to mind as a candidate, but the two that truly stand out for me are:

The gormless Boris Johnson


The incendiary Donald Trump

Both men embody ‘qualities’ that should be anathema to any reasonable human being. Both have misogynistic traits, both are habitually dishonest, and both have a misguided sense of arrogant elitism. It is difficult to find redeemable traits in either man. Trump has a legacy of failed business ventures, and that’s before we examine his political record. 400,000 Americans died on his watch due to his poor handling of the covid-19 pandemic, and his incitement to violence on the 6th of January 2021 will forever be a mark against him. Then there’s his mishandling of confidential government material (and yes, I am aware of Biden’s own issues with this, but this post is discussing Trump, so to anyone minded to respond, don’t use the strawman of ‘but Biden!’ to distract from Trump’s failings.

Trump lacked the good grace to concede the 2020 Election with dignity, and displayed for all the world to see his petulance. Honour and integrity are not words to ever associate with the Tangerine Tyrant.

Boris Johnson is a boorish snob, who genuinely believes he should have power and prestige bestowed upon him by virtue of birth. The idea that the peasants and peons should ever criticise what’s best for him the country is outrageous to him. Holding him accountable for his own failures over covid, not to mention the scandal of Partygate, is deeply unfair – in his mind. How dare his own behaviour count against him? Johnson is a serial liar, and masks a cold, callous personality behind a bumbling idiot savant routine that should fool no one.

No one should entrust either of these charlatans to any form of authority, ever again, yet other power-hungry, self-serving types would restore them in a heartbeat, which is a sorry state of affairs.

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