Writing Prompts: What Notable Things Happened Today?

What notable things happened today?

So… are we talking stuff that has happened on the 27th of June 2023, or stuff that has historically happened on this date?

If we’re looking at historical significance, then like most days in history, the 27th of June is filled with various events (many of them macabre). In 1556, in England, 13 people – The Stratford Martyrs – were burnt at the stake for their Protestant beliefs. Numerous battles were fought across numerous wars on this particular day.

However, there are some more interesting and positive stories. In 1895, Royal Blue completed the first US passenger train run of any passenger service to use electric locomotives. Among famous people born on this date you have Tobey Maguire (famed for the Spider-Man Trilogy).

As for me personally? Well, it’s a day at work. I can’t really proclaim much more than that.

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