Writing Prompts: What Music, if any, do you listen to when Writing?

This is the question posed by my friend Ariel Lynn, of Writing Radiation. She posed it as a comment on a previous prompt, which was about music at work.

The answer is… none! Well ok, the answer is ‘mostly none’. You see, I do a fair bit of my writing (be it for stories or be it for blogging) in the evenings, and so the background noise, assuming there is any, is usually from a TV show or movie. On rare occasions where I have the house to myself (such as some mornings), I might stick some music on, and it’s normally a Spotify playlist, filled with an eclectic mix of music. There may be some Disney tunes in there. There may be stuff from Panic at the Disco, and also music from Linkin Park. There’ll be a host of other, rather random songs (some stuff from Carly Rae Jepson, and also from Gavin DeGraw). How about a little Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20, interwoven with the occasional burst of Tina Turner and Whitney Houston? Then there’s film scores…

Given that the opportunities to write and listen to music at the same time are so fleeting, I don’t usually listen to all of that at once! As mentioned earlier, I don’t usually listen to music when writing, due to circumstances, and to be fair, sometimes, even with the opportunity, I don’t. It can be nice, but on other occasions it can feel distracting. I guess, as with all things, it depends on my mood.

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