Writing Prompts: Uncompromising

This is an old WordPress prompt, and it struck me as an interesting dive down the proverbial rabbit hole.

We can take two positions with the notion of being uncompromising. It can be a negative (‘they refused to yield, in the face of reason, facts, and even for the sake of compassion’). It can be a positive (‘he would not back down, for he was a man of principle, and would not abandon his ideals for anyone’). Depending upon a person’s point of view, someone could be uncompromising in both a positive and negative manner, all at once.

When we are steadfast to our ideals, for better or worse, we are considered to be uncompromising. I guess that sums up the previous paragraph. So, what does it mean to me to be uncompromising?

When it comes to my daughter’s safety and well-being, you can be damn-sure I won’t compromise. She is everything to me, and I will be relentless in ensuring her safety and health. I will not compromise on my wife’s safety and well-being, though as my wife is an adult, the boundaries are different, and I have to respect that (just as there are boundaries with my daughter as well).

I am open to compromise on my political and social views, provided evidence and facts are the driving force behind why I should compromise. Appeals to emotion, and appeals to religious ideology, will not cut it. I’ll not compromise without a good reason.

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