Labour are Lost

Let me clarify this statement. Based on current polls, Labour will enjoy a sizable majority in Parliament at the next General Election, but this is not because they will win the election; rather, it is because the Tories will lose it. Under Keir Starmer, Labour have some ideas that will distinguish them from the Tories, but the key matters see the two parties align far too closely.

Meanwhile, Labour plan to prevent former party leader Jeremy Corbyn from running as a Labour MP. Mr Corbyn may have lost two elections, but he has stood as a Labour MP since 1983, and remains a popular figure within the party. He is one of the few politicians who has stood up and called out the gross inadequacies of a society where wealth is the driving, dominant force of our world. Because of this, both the British media and opponents within his own party conspired to drive him out, using vastly over-stated claims of anti-Semitism as the vehicle for doing so.

Lets face it, the establishment is terrified that people calling for a fairer world might gain popularity. You can even suggest that the super-rich are only slightly less rich, so that others may be able to feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads, and be accused of being an evil socialist. The idea that public services are run for the benefit of the public, instead of shareholders, is abhorrent to those who place profit ahead of people. The love of money has become a driving force above and beyond what’s actually beneficial for people. Make any noises about nationalising energy companies so they can’t rip off the British public, and you’ll get all sort of noise back about how you’re a communist, with all the ugly connotations that come with that term. Suggest that there’s enough in the pot to pay people a living wage, and you’ll get lots of scare-mongering about inflation, which is wielded as an excuse for inaction whilst people struggle to pay bills.

Jeremy Corbyn is rightly feared by the establishment because he has campaigned for fairer pay, and a greater focus on public services over greed. He would have been ten times the Prime Minister that the bumbling, callous idiot Boris Johnson proved to be. Alas, the establishment sharpened its weaponry (in the form of the press), and we ended up with one of the most spectacularly inept governments in British history.

Starmer would be wise to consider the strength of Corbyn’s convictions, and the popularity he retains. Forcing Corbyn out completely, and turning him into an independent, would split the Labour vote. I guarantee that if Corbyn formed a political party tomorrow, he would get a lot more votes than people think, and they’d come primarily from Labour. The only winners from that scenario would be the Tories, and the country loses if they stay in power.

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