Writing Prompts: Tiredness

woman sleeping
Photo by Ivan Oboleninov on Pexels.com

Do you ever sometimes feel perpetually tired? I know fatigue sometimes overtakes me, that’s for sure.

There have been occasions where my head hits the pillow, and I am out. On other occasions, I have laid awake until who-knows-when, unable to sleep at all, to the point where I have gotten out of bed and come downstairs. When my daughter was a baby, she would sometimes wake up, as babies do, wake up, and thus wake us up. Needless to say, when that happened, my wife and I would spend the following morning looking and feeling decidedly knackered!

(As a side-note, ‘knackered’ means ‘sexually exhausted’. That takes me all of five minutes these days!)

The worst occasions for me are when I’m sick. I want to sleep, but getting to sleep is very difficult, and waking up is equally as challenging. Back when I had covid, it knocked me for six, as they say, and I felt exhausted. The trouble is, with a stuffed-up nose and a general malaise, getting a good night’s rest can be a monumental feat. All one can do is lie down, and hope!

I have, from time to time, taken herbal sleeping pills, in the hopes that I’ll fall asleep more quickly, and thus feel more rested, and more alert, come morning. I think this has worked, but I can’t say if it’s always worked. I am reluctant to take the pills, even if they are natural products, but sometimes, all I want is sleep, in the hope that a good sleep will alleviate the fatigue. Getting up tired, and remaining tired for the whole day, is a horrid feeling.

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