Writing Prompts: Splenetic

Today’s prompt is the Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for the 4th of October (yes, I am out of sequence, but I suspect you knew that already). That word is ‘splenetic’.

Splenetic is defined as a formal word that typically describes expressions of sharp annoyance and anger. I dare say we’ve all experienced bursts of irritation and anger at one point or another. I would also suggest it is entirely normal. Annoyance, be it in short, sharp spikes, or in the form of prolonged, bubbling irritation, is a natural feeling, one we are allowed to experience, as, ahem, annoying as it can be.

If there’s one thing guaranteed to make me feel splenetic, it’s football management games, though I am a lot better at managing my outbursts of irritation. I am not fond of losing matches, especially if I certainly believe my team should have won, and I don’t think I’ll ever be entirely settled with defeats!

Another thing that renders me splenetic is spurious, misleading and dishonest behaviour towards me or mine. I could reference several examples of unrepentantly dishonest fanatics. I am learning to not let these petty gestures annoy me on a prolonged basis.

Is there anything else? How long do you have? People who block the aisles in supermarkets frustrate me. Micro-aggressions piss me off. Having anger directed at me for something that is not my fault can certainly leave me splenetic. I could add more, but this post cannot be of infinite length!

What makes you feel splenetic?

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