Writing Prompts: Timon

Now, you may be thinking ‘I know all about that lovable cartoon character’, but what if I told you I was writing about a completely different Timon?

You see, Timon is the name of an individual who lived waaaaaaaaay back in Ancient Greece. It’s believed he was alive at some stage between 431 BC and 404 BC, though records from that era (which happen to include a war) are spotty at best. Timon of Athens was said to be quite generous towards his friends, showering them with money, but when that money ran out, his friends abandoned him. When Timon came back into money, his friends magically reappeared, but Timon was not forgiving of their previous shallow behaviour.

That’s the very abridged version, but I did wonder, prior to doing some research, if Timon of Athens might have inspired the popular meerkat character from The Lion King. From the sound of things, there’s absolutely no connection whatsoever. The Grecian who lived so long ago was born into wealth, squandered it, and in that moment, discovered who his friends truly were. There are definitely some lessons to be learned from his cautionary tale.

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