Writing Prompts: The Nickname

What’s the story behind your nickname?

person in black helmet
Photo by Otto Rascon on Pexels.com

I dare say those pictures summarise my nickname as readily as words do. ‘Darth Timon’ has been my online moniker for a long time (albeit in some online locations I go by my real name now, such as here on WordPress). Darth is Star Wars-related, and Timon is Lion King-related. The nickname takes two of the things I love and mashes them together, but Darth Timon wasn’t my first internet ID.

Originally, I ran as ‘Sothis’ (I don’t recall the origins of that), but when I lost that nickname, and wanted another one, I latched onto those two big loves. Granted, I could have (and maybe should have) followed a Star Trek angle, but instead, here we are!

So, the story behind the name is not that exciting. My reason for, shall we say, dropping the name on Twitter and on WordPress, is also not exciting. It boils down to a certain measure of accountability. Granted, I still fly as Darth Timon on certain forums and social media platforms, but here, on my personal blog, my territory (so to speak), I figure I’m going to be open. I am Ben, I am here… but Darth Timon is still there too 🙂

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