Writing Prompts: The Flip of a Coin

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This prompt is pretty creative. What might hinge upon the flip of one tiny coin? It’s an interesting, if potentially risky, means of living one’s life. We could say that heads is to always say ‘yes’, and tails is to always say ‘no’. Knowing me, the coin would land perched on its side, just to be awkward.

How far do you take this concept? Do you flip a coin when deciding upon toast or cereal for breakfast? What colour socks to wear? Whether to get tea or coffee from the café? I think you can take this all a bit too far, so let’s consider it for the more interesting moments, shall we?

It could be a useful act to determine what film to watch at the cinema, or in the evening at home. ‘Star Trek or Star Wars?’ Flip for it! If playing a video game, and faced with the choice of two corridors, flip the coin, see where it takes you. You could even expand this to bigger choices, if you were feeling brave. ‘What new car do I get?’ ‘Should I move house?’ ‘Where shall we go on holiday?’

I guess I should say that this works better with binary choices, and is not so great with multiple choice scenarios.

I should also say that this should probably be used for fun choices, and not as a means for dictating the course of your entire life!

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