Writing Prompts: Revisit your first-ever blog post and reflect on where you are now, how your writing style has changed, and what you think of it

Well, my first ever post on Meerkat Musings was not especially exciting. Nor is it a good point of comparison for how my style may have changed. I also fear this prompt is slightly too similar to this prompt, though I suspect that’s inevitable, when we are dealing with multiple prompts.

In more general terms, I don’t indulge in as much ‘third-person’ meerkat commentary as I used to. Don’t get me wrong, the site is still Meerkat Musings, but you might say the meerkat theme is more subtle?

Free meerkat image
OK, it’s not that subtle

I sometimes wonder if there is a sharpness to my writing now, honed by experience. I like to think my blog possesses a style unique to me. I’ll leave the readers to judge that for themselves.

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