Writing Prompts: The Big Reveal?

photo of parking for aliens only signage
Photo by James Lee on Pexels.com

Somehow, this is not making the sort of headlines I’d expect it to, but for this story to enter mainstream news at all is quite remarkable. Basically, former US Air Force intel officer David Grusch has, whilst under oath at a House Hearing, claimed the US government is in possession of ‘non-human biologics’, and this should in theory mean big news. However, it seems to have been barely a ripple, despite the blip in mainstream news.

If Mr Grusch’s claims are true, this confirms what conspiracy theorists have historically claimed for decades: that the US government has had encounters with beings not of this world. There are thousands of UFO sighting cases, and a great many abduction tales, and the notion that at least some of these stories are in fact true is tantalising. Humans have been looking to the stars and asking the question ‘are we alone’ for centuries. Has the truth to that question been denied to us for years? Is Mr Grusch’s testimony honest? Are we truly not alone, and what does the US government have secreted away on this very topic?

For what reason might this information be contained?

That final question is quite interesting to me. If there is any truth to visitations from intelligent alien beings, why would governments conceal it? Is it avoid panic? Plausible, to a point. Revealing that aliens are real would set some people off. It would have major implications for the world’s major religions. What would devout Biblical fundamentalists make of the existence of aliens?

There might also be anger, anger directed at those responsible for the cover-up. There have been many suspicions and allegations and conspiracy theories around the existence of aliens, and many denials. It is alleged people have died, or been jailed, to deny the truth. Fury in such circumstances would be understandable.

However, I am of the belief that most people would be fascinated by the big reveal. So many people would be familiar with numerous sci-fi tales of alien contact and I believe a lot of people would welcome such news for the amazing, breath-taking revelation it is. Mind you, a lot of that would depend upon whether or not said aliens really had come in peace, or if they wanted to enslave us!

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